The pricing of the application has been designed in the most flexible and low cost way. We aim to provide a cost free use of the application for the majority of the users.

The use of the application is free of charge for all those who would like to use it to monitor the maintenance cost of one property item for every registered category. For example, a user who is the owner of an apartment, a car and a motorcycle, will be able to use the application for all three without any cost.

The users who would like to record the maintenance of more than one property items in any category, will have to pay a small monthly fee of 2€ per month for each additional property item.

The cost escalation is displayed in the following example:

  • 1 property item/category cost 0
  • 2 property items/category cost 2€/month
  • 3 property items/category cost 4€/month
  • 4 property items/category cost 6€/month


Last modified: Aug. 11, 2012, 3:47 a.m.